This book is needed and must get in the hands of everyone – even those not touched by stroke, because the principals in this book truly empower a patient and their caregivers to go beyond the basics and get the very best support and treatments.

Certainly this is a book for anyone who is or knows someone recovering from a stroke.  You went above and beyond to provide a very deep holistic and realistic view of how one can educate themselves on all options available including traditional health care, alternative services, nutrition and mindset. Cheers to YOU, Bob. This book will serve masses!!

Dena Moscola, Entrepreneur, Leadership Coach, Trainer and Consultant


Mr. Mandell has added remarkably important thinking to the process of stroke recovery. By learning from his experiences and holistic thinking, victims and their caregivers can measurably improve their lives to become Victors.    

Bob Jones, Retired Advertising Executive and Entrepreneur, Score Counselor